1on1 training only $39

Now there are no more excuses not to get yourself fit and healthy

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How is it possible to offer 1on1 training for only $39?

1. I will teach you how to warm up, stretch and warm down on your own

These are essential components of a well-rounded exercise session but these are also things that you can do yourself… you do not need to waste your money on a trainer for this. I will teach you these components.

2. We will cut out the stuff that you can do on your own

What I would expect is that you will arrive early and warm up (15 minutes); after our session you will stretch (5 minutes) and warm down (10 minutes)... on your own.


3. We will do 30 minutes of supervised high intensity exercise

Together we will do 30 minutes of high intensity training that requires supervision, expert instruction, motivation and a higher level of determination… perfect… now that is what you should pay a trainer for.

4. We will never compromise the quality of your training… it will be of the highest standard.

We will always stay extremely focused on your goals… on getting you results in the most efficient manner. We will strive for intense, varied, safe and effective sessions every time we train together.

Joe has completely changed my life. In my first training session I couldn’t even touch my toes without taking heavy duty painkillers. Now I am living my life pain free, without medication or surgery, and am able to enjoy exercising again.

Georgie, Bondi

Get Started Today. Call me (Joe) on 0403 025 811

The simplest of pricing...

Small Group Training

    6:30am Tuesdays and Fridays

    Alison Park, Randwick

    30 minutes

    2 sessions per week

    2 weeks paid in advance

    1on1 Power Session

      Time/day to suit you

      Location to suit you

      45 minutes

      2 sessions per week

      2 weeks paid in advance

      I’ve been training with Joe for a few years now and can confidently say that he has delivered on everything that he said he would. My sessions are easily scheduled around my complicated work roster. Every week is different as Joe and I work towards both my short term and long term goals and Joe’s huge repertoire of exercises always keeps things interesting.

      Ben Carney, Clovelly

      Putting my money where my mouth is...

      Your first week is free

      You should try before you buy... so come and train with me for one week (for free) and you can figure out whether I am the right trainer for you. It’s a no obligation trial.

      14 day money back guarantee.

      If at any time, and for any reason, within any 14-day period of training with Average Joe’s, you are not completely satisfied with the services provided, I will refund your money (for the most recent 14 days training and any paid up future sessions) in full. No questions asked, no hassling you for reasons, just your money back.

      Combine your first week free and my 14 day money back guarantee and you effectively get a 21 day trial.

      Joe is 100% focused on his clients.  He mixes up the sessions to keep things interesting and as a result, the session is over before I know it and I go home feeling wrecked but awesome!! If your even thinking about using a trainer then stop thinking and just have a few session with Joe. You’ll get addicted like I did and wont be able to stop.

      David Vitek, Clovelly

      Call or text me (Joe) on 0403 025 811 to get started

      Location, Location, Location.

      Several training locations in the Eastern Suburbs are frequently used, including Queens Park, Centennial Park, Moore Park, Prince Alfred Park and Alison Park.

      A convenient location plays an important role in ensuring that you will stick to your chosen fitness program. For this reason, we can train at any outdoor location within the Eastern Suburbs, such as your local park, so that it is more convenient for you. Give me a call to organise the best location.

      Joe is actively involved in helping me achieve my goals.  He’s always interested in how I’m going and takes a genuinely holistic approach.  In between sessions Joe is available and supportive if I have a question or am just struggling with some aspect of my goals.  Possibly his biggest strength is how personal he is – he understands what I want and what it will take for me to achieve that.

      Kelly McKinnon, Bondi

      Who is this guy?

      My name is Joseph Bilbao and I am just an “average joe” (pun intended) who loves to help people get fitter and healthier than they have ever been in their lives.

      I spent 15 years in the “corporate world” before becoming a personal trainer. Those 15 years helped me understand the demands of balancing work commitments, family and fitness – exactly what most people struggle with.

      In 2007 I began helping people with their health and fitness goals. I believe that “fitness should be fun” and I have developed a unique approach that makes sessions “fly by” – my clients never count down the minutes (well, hardly ever!)

      Call me (Joe) on 0403 025 811 to book your first session